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Location of Dudynce, sometimes spelled Dudynci: Map coordinates are 4933 2205. Dudynci is located near the town of Sanok (now in southeastern Poland). Please notice that my ancestral villages are located near the towns of Dukla, Sanok (now in southeastern Poland) and Svidnik (in northeastern Slovakia). These villages form a triangle whose corners are about 30 miles apart, yet my grandparents who emigrated from those areas between 1890 and 1910 met and married in the USA.


Surnames from this village in my ancestry are: Kotlarz/Kotlar, Wdowiak, Warcholyk, Juszczyk, Pastuszak, Mediuch, Kocan, Jacubowski, Maczuzak, Kolodiej Greek Catholic church records for this village have been microfilmed and are available at the FHL in your area(film #0766036, parish of Pielnia).

http://www.archiwa.gov.pl/?CIDA=376 SEZAM the Date Base of the Przemysl Archive in Poland also has the data. More recent information can be obtained from the Civil Registry Office: Archive Zarzyn, Urzad Stanu Cywinego w Zarzyn, 69-200 Sulecin, ul. Lipowa 18, POLAND

My maternal grandmother, Anna Kotlar (b. 1893) emigrated as a single woman from Dudynce in 1910 and settled in Wilkes-Barre PA. Several cousins and a half-brother had preceded her and a sister joined her a year later.

I have reviewed Dudynce’s Greek Catholic Church birth records (Pielnia parish) and arranged them by house number so one can identify the families that simultaneously occupied a house. See the index on my front page.

In 2010 a survey of the village Greek Catholic cemetery was done. Click here to see the list of souls.

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OTHER SURNAMES FROM THE VILLAGE OF DUDYNCE obtained from review of the church records 1839 - 1871

These surnames were gathered from the Greek Catholic records of the Parish of Pielnia for the village of Dudynce only. Handwriting in the records was difficult to read so please understand that the spelling of some surnames may be inaccurate. Also it seemed that in a few cases the priest, in some entries, spelled a surname several different ways.

Adamski, Ambicki, Basna, Bieleski, Brechun, Breyla, Brsyla, Dudynski, Forsysik,Furdak, Galgatko,Gliszczak, Gulycz, Hlystiak, Hnaluk, Hystiak, Kasminski, Kozlowski, Kuchanyk, Kucharyk, Kuchazuk,Kuzniak, Lakos, Lwaniany, Lyowski, Maciejowski, Maranski, Mareyko, Mazur, Micznik, Mjedziuch, Noryak, Olejansky, Paluk, Pank, Pasznik, Poryliski, Porzbski, Poskanyk, Pospolitak, Purzczynski, Sawka, Senko, Senkow,Sokolowski, Strucz, Stysz, Suszko, Suszkow, Swirk, Szayniak, Tymik, Tyszyk, Walral, Watral, Wawasat, Wawer, Wozny

ADDITIONAL SURNAMES GATHERED FROM http://www.ellisislandrecords.org/

During the period 1892-1924, the surnames of approximately 116 individuals from Dudynce were recorded on ship manifests at Ellis Island. Some of them are:

Ambricky, Barecka, Borchun, Brechom/Brechun, Brehm, Drwienga, Hayniah, Hiertak, Kotlarz/Kotlar (also spelled or misspelled as: Koblarz/Kathasz/ Hotlarz), Hutak, Jakobanska, Jakubowski, Juszczak/Jusczyk, Kafara, Kilvelzig,Koladziej/Kolodziej/Kotodziej/Kolodrzej/ Kolodzey, Kolody,Kowalezuk, Kowalczyk Krall/Krell/Kroll, Kuchaska,Kucharek, Lakalowski, Lakus, Lipka,Liseski, Lorene, Moczuzak (spelled M0czuzak by transcriber) Maczuzak/Macuzak/Maczuziak/Maczuziek/Matuszak, Maciejowska, Macigowski, , Maranske, Matusak, Miedziuch/Miedznich/Moedzuch/Medinch/Miedzisek, Moranski, Nadogan, Naranski, Nedohom, Niedzinch, Orustein, Pachanik, Paluk, Patrylak/Patrilak, Pattyka, Postuszka Sokolowski, Suszko, Szajmak/Szajniak/Szajnak/ Szapriak, Szeniak, Swirk, Tuszko, Vacruzak, Wahus, Wanio, Wansholek/Warcholik/Warcholic, Wdowiak/Wdocoiak, Wozniak, Wozney, Zoszak You can see that you have to be creative with spelling when searching the Ellis Island records. There are many transcription errors, but in spite of that you can find some vital information on your immigrant ancestor through these records.

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Would you like to post your email address and surnames from Dudynce (or specific nearby village) here? Email me at carpatho_mts@hotmail.com

maryache@ptd.net is searching surnames MACZUZAK/MACHUZAK/MATUZAK, AMBICKI, KOLODIEJ

M Kolody (mkolody@roadrunner.com ) is searching the surname KOLODIJ

G. Dolnack (no current email address) is researching surnames GAGATKO from village of Pielnia (0.7 miles from Dudynce) and SZUBA from village of Izdebki (14 miles from Dudynce)

perted@cox.net is researching Tomasz Paul WDOWIAK, b. 1895 in Pobiedno (4.6 miles SE of Dudynce) He immigrated to the US in 1914. His mother was Antonia BREJT, b. Pobiedno; also researching Antonina Teresa BAK, b. 1904, Pobiedno who immigrated in 1921. Her father was Michael BAK, mother Maria PIETROWSKI and grandmother Franciszac SKIBA

Ksindell@cfl.rr.com and Memphishughes@msn.com are researching surnames SZAJNIAK and KOTLAR from Dudynce

bruiser141@comcast.net John is seeking information on SUSZKO and connections to these other names through the marriages noted below. My grandmother, Mariya (Mary) Suszko Mosko (1894-1985), was born in Dudynce and immigrated to Perth Amboy, NJ in 1909. Her mother was Salome(a) Pastuszak, the daughter of Wawzynec and Mary. Mariya's sister Eva married John Kotlar, her sister Anna married John Rolnick, and her brother Michael married Stanislawa (?). These marriages took place in or near Dudynce ca. 1905-1915. In addition, her brother John Suszko married Lena Neiman in the US and settled in Marion Heights, PA

Also seeking information on Gagatko, Pastuszak, Furdock, and Szajniak or Shayniak (Eng. - Shannock) as they are related to Suszko's by marriage. Seeking information on Moszczar became (Mosko or Mosher in the US), Chowanec, de Polyniak from Labowa, Labowiec, Kotow, and Uhryn Wisni, in Powiat Nowy Sacz. Leon and Alexandra Chowanec Moschar immigrated to Perth Amboy in the early 1883.

zebiocoimet@yahoo.fr is researching surnames SUSZKO and KOTLAR from the village of Dudynce

bevymail@yahoo.com is researching John Furdak/Ferdak/Verdak from Pielnia who married Magdalena Kowalczyk and settled in Vandling, PA


peekaboobrat@yahoo.com is searching for BEDNARCZYK BEDNARIK MOSKAL MASKAL MOSKALIK LIPKA   Most settled in NE PA Susquehanna Lackawanna [bordering Wayne counties of PA]. My Great Grandfather Michal BEDNARCZYK b. Feb 1854-Austria d. Jan 1904, settled in PA, USA, with wife Kataryna MOSKAL BEDNARIK AKA Catherine BENARICK b. Nov 1854 Or 1857 in Austria Now Poland died March 1929 Forest City PA. Cath'a Married Philip WOLCHINSKI [various spellings b. 1865-1920 after BEDNARCZY

patricia.pascanik@gmail.com I am looking for info on my Great Grandparents….the last name is Paskanyk and the towns are Dudynce and Pielnia…..My Grandfathers name was Peter and Grandmother Eva Majuk.

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